Does Crystal Reports work with current versions of Sage 50?


Does Crystal Repots work with Sage 50? If so what versions? From previous responses it looks like you need to use the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit, correct? Is Sage planning on removing support of Crystal Reports?

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    Yes, Crystal Reports works with Peachtree Version 2008 through the current version, Sage 50 Version 2022. I have clients using Crystal Reports 2008 (the original version distributed from Sage) with the current version of the software. I also have clients who have purchased newer versions of Crystal Reports that work with Sage 50. From my understanding, there is no plan at this time to remove support of Crystal Reports from Sage 50. Sage themselves do not support this connection, but others such as myself, do. We actively write most custom reports for clients using Crystal Reports. 800-780-0700 or 954-961-0600.

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    Thank you for the info.

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    Hi there, 

    As far as I am aware of, if you need to run custom reports written in Crystal Reports 2008, you will need to install the Sage 50 Data Functions within the Sage 50 program in order to have the Crystal Reports being able to connect to the Sage Peachtree database. However, i noticed that the " Install Sage 50 data functions" doesn't not seem to be working under R2022 of Sage 50 US. I have both releases R2019 and R2022 and wanted to run my custom Crystal Reports under R2022. Is there something that I miss? Would you kindly advise?