Sales vs material cost reporting


We are a HVAC manufacturers rep with a small warehouse using Sage 50 for Accounting, inventory, & invoicing.  All invoicing for products drop shipped from manufacturer and shipped by our warehouse is done through Sage 50.  Vendor invoices are linked to customer invoices within Sage.  All Salespersons are detailed in Sage. 

What Sage report(s) / reporting tool is available for reporting profitability and calculating sales commissions?  Is there a 3rd party app to integrate with Sage to accomplish this type of report?

Thank you for your assistance.

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    There is a very weak report in Sage 50 for commissions and it is called the Rep Report. I have never come across any client that felt that report was adequate. I would suggest that you hire me to write a "real" commission report with the new report writing tool that works with Sage 50 and is very nice. It is called XLGL and is Excel-based. Please contact me directly at [email protected] and I will give you the details of how our custom report writing service works for your review.