CompanySpecial1a field not found in Company.dat file


I am adding the function GetPeachQtyOnHand ({Company.CompanySpecial1a}, {Company.CompanySpecial1b}, {Company.CompanySpecial1c}, {Company.CompanySpecial1d}, {LineItem.ItemRecordNumber} ) to a Crystal Reports, but the field CompanySpecial1a is not found in SAGE 50 2024. GUID is the field defined at that position in the Company file, so I defined the field @CompanySpecial1a as mid({Company.GUID},1,8). The error comes back as a number is required. I tried tonumber({@CompanySpecial1a}), but the error coms back as the string is non-numeric. How can I get the field {Company.CompanySpecial1a} in my report?