Month to Date and Year to Date exactly the same?


When I print the standard P&L the Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date is exactly the same.  It's only reporting the annual totals correct, not the monthly totals.  (I imported all transactions if that makes a difference.)  TY!  

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    This is because when you ran the report, you selected the Date Range, not the Period Ending Date that you need the report for. For example, if you wanted to see your values through October 2023 (assuming you are on a calendar year), then when running the Financial Statement, choose from 10/01/2023 through 10/31/2023. What you are specifying with these dates is what should appear in the Month-to-Date column. The Year-to-Date column will automatically contain the summary values from the beginning of your Fiscal Year to the date that you specified, which in this case, would be January 2023 through October 2023.

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