GL not automatically applying payments


I was trying to reconcile the Aged Payables to our General Ledger account and I noticed we were off by quite a bit. Then I noticed that there were transactions that didn't show up in the aged payables indicating that they had been paid but they only showed a credit or debit to the general ledger. When I found the check that they had been paid with I noticed that even though the journal showed them going to the correct account, they didn't show up in the GL report. I found that re-saving the check fixed it but I've got about a year's worth of transactions that need reconciling. Is there any way to get the system to go through and automatically apply this or is it just a software glitch?

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    You could try switching to batch posting. Go to the Maintain menu and choose Company Information. Click the Posted Method button and switch to Batch Posting and click OK, then click OK again at the Company Information window.

    Next, go to the Tasks menu > System > Post. Check the box next to Cash Disbursements Journal and click OK.

    Then go back to Maintain Company Information and switch your posting method back to Real-Time.