Bank Rec out of balance after Year end purge


Good morning,

Last weekend we ran the purge wizard to archive 20 years of data.

It seems that we did not instruct the purge wizard to leave the unreconciled bank transactions.

Now the bank recs from the purge date forward are out of balance by those amounts.

We ran the purge on a copy of a back up file so the original file is still intact.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Is there a way to bring those transactions over without losing all the work completed since the purge?



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    Don't be so quick to blame yourselves.  I have a checkbook that is out of balance, accounts receivables that are incorrect and it looks like accounts payable have also been under attack.  Generally it hinges on A) Year-End process; B) Updates.  Every time we install an update, chaos ensues shortly after.  Right now, I have THREE different figures for accounts receivable.  In the past I have discovered it hinges on Pre-payments on accounts.  Yesterday, after installing the update on our server and all 6 workstations, then going around attempting to repair the data files-did not work-it seems to be a bigger mess than I started with.  Monday & Tuesday I will be gone, which is good because from next Wednesday through the middle of June I will be trying to straighten this mess out.  Last time this happened it took me 2 1/2 months to convince the chat line I did indeed have a corrupted database and it would really be nice if I could be connected with IT for actual help.  By that time the database was so corrupted we had to create a whole new one from a backup I was certain was good-because of the 2 1/2 month thing-transfer the files from then to current.....only to discover not all the information transferred.  "That's a glitch in our program;we can't do anything about that." - I ended re-entering 3 months of data that had randomly not come across.  Not a lot of fun.

    The best you can do is call, call, call and hopefully you will get one of the 3 people that work the chat lines who actually know what they are doing and will say "Oh, yeah.  You have problems.  I'm going to transfer you to IT."   No worries though, when it's subscription renewal time they'll be right on the spot to bill you an exorbitant fee for next year's tech support and updates.  Then you can do it all again.

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    verified answer

    I've never tried this before, but I think you should be able to fix this by entering the purged unreconciled items as "Beginning Transactions".

    In the Account Reconciliation window there's a Beginning Transactions button in the bottom right corner, just below the unreconciled difference. If you don't see it there, click the double arrow button that is in the bottom left corner to expand that section.

    In the Beginning Transactions window you can enter outstanding checks and deposits in transit. These transactions don't affect the general ledger. Normally this screen is only used when you first set up your company in Sage 50 to enter the outstanding items dated prior to your conversion date. But it should work in this situation too.

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    Hey Stephen yes thank you so much that worked perfectly. We also had an issue where all the AP vendors defaulted to the same expense account. I exported from the previous company file and imported to the new company file and seems to have straightened that out. The crew is here is now very weary something else is going to be out of place. =0

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    Hey Lumber thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes I ran into some issues with chat support, sometimes they are right on but on this one they were a bit lost.

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    Thank you - I appreciate the suggestion.  I will try it when I get back from a couple of days off.  Part of the current problem is an "attack" on transactions from 2018 and I am suspecting 2017.  We are currently in 2020, I can't get back into those periods to fix it.

    Do you understand my frustration and simmering anger at this situation?  It is nothing I have done, yet I feel as though it is my fault because as the accountant here these numbers are my responsibility.  I have used the chat line in the past and been "informed" I obviously did something wrong - Really? - or don't know what I am doing.  Both times by someone who literally answered my question by rearranging the words and saying it back to me.  I hung up.

    I have had about 4 people on chat line who actually seem to understand my problem and either worked through it with me or passed me on to someone who could help, generally in I.T.  I do not call to ask how to do my job - I call because there is a legitmate mess on the system.