Year End Close


A year end close was ran overnight but when coming back to the office it was stuck at 64%. I restarted sage and was able to get into the new fiscal year. Does that mean the year end close ran properly?

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    Yes. Restoring a backup will result in losing any work you have done since that backup.

    When restoring, you will have two options. You can either overwrite an existing company, or create a new company. If you overwrite your existing company with the backup, all work you have done since that backup was made will be lost completely. I recommend you take the option to create a new company from the backup. That way you will still have the original company so you can tell what needs to be re-entered in the new company.

    Be sure to change the name of the old company (Maintain menu > Company Information) so you can tell it apart from the new company.

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