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I am running the year-end wizard and once I had hit the "Begin Close" button after saving a back-up, the program has gone non-responsive.  Although it is Not Responding, the Task Manager shows it as using some CPU % and after talking to the support team at Sage, it seems like I will have to trust this is working and allow it to run overnight.  Has anyone had experience with this before? 

I urgently went to the year-end wizard as our new fiscal year had just begun and was not familiar with Sage and the extremely long process it would take to open up a new fiscal year as opposed to other systems I have used in the past.  We have just entered the new fiscal year and cannot move forward until the current calendar month's dates are available for posting in the system and I am worried about having to undergo the back up process.

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    Most likely, you have left the option for running Data Verification check marked during the Year End Closing. You should never do this at the same time as Year End Closing, as it's like telling the system to do two things at the same time. Run your Data Verification process (if you want; I personally don't recommend this), either before, or after, the closing has finished. At this point, your only option is either to wait the closing out until it's done, or restore your backup from before closing, and start the closing process again without running Data Verification (uncheck the box on the last screen before starting the closing).

  • I am having this same problem.  I do not have data verification checked off. I am not archiving file either.  The next step was to updated the activan program , which was done.

    Still not responding.  I am on my 10th backup restore and try again.

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    You may have damaged periods, in which case there is nothing you can do within Sage 50 to resolve the problem. You should reach out to Michael at DataSoft Corporation and have him take a look at your data files. You can reach him by calling 954-523-8570 or emailing [email protected] (fees apply).

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