• Year-End Wizard Begin Close (Not Responding)

    I am running the year-end wizard and once I had hit the "Begin Close" button after saving a back-up, the program has gone non-responsive. Although it is Not Responding, the Task Manager shows it as using some CPU % and after talking to the support team…
  • Holiday Support Hours

    What are the support hours for this coming Friday after Thanksgiving, 11/25/2022? Sage 50 US Thank you
  • 2017 P&L Numbers are Incorrect After Running End of Year for 2018

    Hi Everyone, We ran End of Year on 12/31 and the process froze and broke something so we restored the backup that we took before we ran the wizard. The strange thing is that some of our 2017 numbers are off and I can't see how it correlates. Last years…
  • Phone and chat support will be open on the first 2 Saturdays in January.

    Great news for anyone working over the weekend to get their year-end processes finished. Our Sage 50—U.S. Edition phone and chat support will be open on Saturday January 3rd and Saturday January 10th.