• How do I contact Sales/Partner Support?

    I can't find any listed phone numbers on the site. The Contact Us tab doesn't have BusinessWorks. This page: https://www.sage.com/en-us/products/sage-businessworks/ has no emails or phone numbers from what I can see.
  • bookkeeping help

    Good morning! We're looking for temporary help from a Bookkeeper with SAGE Business Works experience. We are located in Auburn, CA (northern CA) and are looking to get full-time temporary help after the New Year. Does anyone have any recommendations or…
  • RE: Welcome to the new-look Sage City!

    I am I missing something, but the links to RESOURCES and the KNOWLEDGEBASE are missing now
  • Bank Reconciliation

    On 9/15 I had an issue with payroll posting twice. It did this on its own. Our apps run through a cloud network service company. Because of some other issues we were having I ask them about what happen on 9/15. They did say that if for some reason I had…
  • Colorado Payroll Tax for 2023

    As we enter the 4th quarter I want to ask about a change in payroll taxes for the state of Colorado that will be effective Jan 1,2023. Colorado is adding a new payroll tax for the FAMLI Leave Act. The tax will apply to both employees and the employer…
  • Adding multiple open credit amounts to a refund check for a customer

    I am doing refunds via check of open credits in A/R. I have been using one check per open credit per customer but in certain circumstances, there is more than one open credit that I have to do for one customer. How can I add more than one open credit…
  • Does anyone know how/when employee withholding for the new Oregon Paid Leave will be addressed?

    Will it be similar to the Oregon STT withholding? I missed the Oregon STT announcement. I'm just hoping to be prepared for this one.
  • Voided a check twice.

    A check issued in May was voided in August AND voided in May. So the check has been voided twice thru A/P. How do I fix this problem? Thank you!
  • How to fix? I voided A/P EFT payment and invoice so now I show two debits in checking account

    I needed to void an A/P entry I had made as a prepaid Invoice paid by EFT. I Voided the payment, however, I then saw the open invoice and when I voided that, I ended up with two debits in my checking account under A/P. So it looks like the amount was…
  • Customer Credit posted to refund but check doesn't show up

    I went in to apply a customer's credit to a refund check. I was going through the process and realized that I wasn't sure the correct check form set up was listed, so I x out of the screen. However, it came up that the check was printed and the credit…
  • How do I post a vendor credit for purchase paid by credit card

    Received a credit memo from a vendor that is paid by credit card. How do I post this to show in Vendor's account and to reduce amount owed to credit card company?
  • How are hours over 40 per week distributed

    When employee has over 40 hours per week, some of the hours are showing as OT1, some OT2 - how is this determined
  • Temporary price increase BusinessWorks 2018

    We the current situation our vendors are sending use notices of temporary price increases. Is there a way that I can add a flat % to a quote, similar to the freight charge? Also, is there a way to add an option for an additional line for adding a % for…
  • Sales Tax Credit to Customer

    I have a customer that we billed sales tax to the labor portion of their job. They are now sending me a tax exempt certificate for that. My question is how do I credit the sales tax off of the invoice? I tried entering a credit memo to the customers…
  • Invoices

    Sage Businessworks 2021.I posted an Invoice without accepting a cc payment before posting. i know I can go to Post Receipts and select Invoice and in this case apply the payment to the Invoice which makes the Invoice paid in full. How can I now print…
  • Sales Orders

    How do I add additional payments to a Sales Order after initial payment was entered?
  • Inventory Set On-hand quantity to zero

    Is there a way to globally set all inventory parts to an on-hand quantity of zero? thanks!
  • Credit Card Payment Adjustment

    I am hoping someone can assist with this: In a previous month, my office processed a credit card payment credit for a customer the month after the payment was received. They did not void the payment in Business Works and that month was already reconciled…
  • Updates for filing payroll form 941 caused set up failure on my computer

    Has this happened to anyone else? I was working on my 941 payroll tax forms, allowed updates to be made which did not work, and then resulted in startup failure.
  • Order Entry > Invoices >Select Orders to Invoice > Automatic

    Order Entry > Invoices >Select Orders to Invoice > Automatic Will this option select orders by OLDEST FIRST or Alphabetical? I prefer it to select oldest order first if there is a way to set this as a default.
  • Making changes

    Hello. I have no accounting training but have recently taken over AR/AP for our company. I am not sure how the accountant has been closing off each month as balanced given the number of errors I have been finding. In any case, I need help knowing how…
  • IC -> Tansactions -> Adjustments instead of Receipt Adjustment issue.

    Long story short...I was trained by someone who wasn't very familiar with BW. I just learned I was handling Receipt Adjustments incorrectly. We are FIFO if that matters. To adjust a cost on a closed PO I was instructed to perform an Adjustment (NOT RECIEPT…
  • Is it possible to manually modify part costs?

    We have found that t here are several parts that have costs that do not reflect the current cost of those parts. We would like to be able to modify the costs manually.
  • When I try to reprint an invoice created in Order Entry, I get an error saying that an internal module cannot be found on the file system and it points to \SAGE\BWPROG\TASKS\TASK6015.E

    This just started to happen, when I try to reprint an invoice created in Order Entry, direct invoicing in Businessworks 2021 SP4 I get an error saying that an internal module cannot be found on the file system and it points to \SAGE\BWPROG\TASKS\TASK6015…

    Can a credit card vendor be deleted from the list of payment terms?