Report Writer: Salesperson Name in Jobs Report


I am trying to create a report that provides a list of jobs with various information.  One of the fields I want to include in the list is the name from the "Salesperson" field.  I can pull in the employee NUMBER from that field, but can't pull in the name.

I am familiar with SQL, but using SQL in this tool never goes well for me.  I tried using the INNER JOIN function, but it just ends up displaying the code, not the result.

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    try replacing the fulfst with the code for just the first name to see if its the field that contains the full name with first name first.  I have seen where some databases that field was not filled in so the select statement won't work.  If it works for first name only then that is the issue.  If it doesn't work, then its something else in the statement.  Sometimes its extra spaces