• County Request for list of subs/paid amounts/tax ID's for 2023

    One of our local counties is requesting a list of subcontractor's, Tax ID and amount paid for 2023 for their jurisdiction. Can I run a report for this?
  • Accountant asking for a list of Revenue for the year by Customer.

    Sage 100 Contractor. Where would I pull this type of report from? If I go into the 3-6 and choose a specific client and click on the payment button those payment total for that year are different than if I run the Report 3-1-2 78. So where do I find a…
  • Job Period Aging report 3-1-3-46

    When I print this job period aging report for the period Dec 2023, the report displays the retainage in the aging portion of the report instead of the retainage column, but only for jobs that we received the retainage payment in January 2024. Since…
  • Aletering a custom report

    Reposrt 05-02-08-61 report I would like summarized by employee and grand totals. I have done it before, but saved as a shared report. We got a new server mid last year and I lost the report. I need it for an audit due on Feb 1, 2024. I know it is simple…
  • Is there any way to get a Union Benefit Report where I can select which benefit calculations I want under the paygroup?

    Our monthly union benefit payment is split and 9 of the benefit calculations get paid to one place and 3 get paid to another. As far as I can see the Union Reports (for ex. 5-1-7-31) total the benefits by paygroup and unfortunately the report is not modifiable…
  • Report 6-8-1 Cost To Complete Report is inaccurate

    I am using Sage 100 Contractor The program will not allow this version to be entered when attempting to set up a new support case. The program will not allow uploading of images when attempting to set up a new support case. The program…
  • 5-1-7 Union Report

    Hello, is there a way to make a copy of 5-1-7 report 31 (union report) to modify it?
  • Phases Wip Reports

    We have been setting up phases in Sage 100 Contractor for each small job for a customer instead of setting up several small jobs. We then have been billing each phase. It is my understanding that we can not close the phases in sage 100 contractor. …
  • Report Modification - for new payroll calculation

    I set up a new payroll calculation for a ROTH IRA. It works fine with payroll however I want to add it to one of my reports but can't find what the name of the destination field is. Can anyone help me with how to add this to my report? Thank you
  • Cost to Complete Report Inaccurate

    While reviewing a Cost to Compete Report we noted the Foundation Subcontractor had been paid only $415. On review he was paid the complete $7,500. The Job Summary Report shows the complete amount paid. Foundation Block 4 - Drywall 320.000 - Foundation…
  • Report Field

    There is a field in a Job Cost Report that I want in my Custom Report. Does any one know the name of this field "Jobcst^pytpnm"
  • Year-End: Print W2s before or after closing payroll?

    I'm finding contradicting information for when to process and print W-2s while reading all of Sage 100 Contractor's year-end checklists, guides, timelines, etc. I know that you need to install the year-end tax and software update before doing either…
  • T&M Billed by Cost Code Report?

    I have been trying to determine how to print a "Billed by Cost Code" report in Sage 100 on a T&M Project. This would be highly beneficial for budget update and client inquiries by cost code and would eliminate the need to derive the totals manually in…
  • Job Cost Report - Paid Status

    Hello, What is the best way to produce a report that shows the job costs that have been paid on a job? I would think you could produce a Job Cost Journal (6-1-2) and filter by the job and by status ("paid"), but it does not allow me to choose a status…
  • Pending Invoice Report

    Hi, can someone tell me how to generate a report for pending prime invoices?
  • 13-6-21 Report List shows "Apex Format" on some reports

    Running 13-6-21 is a listing of all reports in Sage. Some reports are showing "Apex Format". Never seen that before. What is this?
  • Purchase Order Audit report - no sales tax

    The purchase order audit report does not include the sales tax in the received columns, even though it has been inputted during accounts payable data entry against the PO. Can this be corrected?
  • How to Create a Local Services (LST) Tax?

    How does one go about creating a Local Service Tax in Sage 100 Contractor? We operate out of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania and have been notified that in 2024 our township will levy a LST of $52.00 per year. We are told this should be withheld on a…
  • Report writing

    I am trying to write a report, i have a if then and select syntax. Does anybody know the correct code for the tmcdln.crtfid table/column I want the report to be able to select sum from the tmcdln.hrswrk based on a y in the tmcdln.crtfid column. …
  • Yr-to-date Gross Wage Calculation in Sage Contractor 100 Canadian Version

    How can I change the calculation for Yr-to-date Gross Wages on a pay stub to include Calculation Add ons? I've tried a few different calculations & modifications but can't seem to find the correct one, so on our pay stubs it's not reflecting the additional…
  • 6-1-4-81

    Does anyone know how to print report 6-1-4-81 per phase?
  • Sage 100 Contractor Canada Report Modifications

    We have purchased Sage 100 Contractor - Canada about a year ago. it was an upgrade from Sage 50. we had great support setting up Sage 100 and transferring our account information from Sage 50. the person used for this has since retired and we are…
  • AP Post Invoices Report showing 1 Rejected

    How do I find out what invoice is not posting when I am getting Rejected Invoice on my posting report?
  • Editing direct deposit pay stubs.

    looking for some help on editing and creating reports.... for our direct deposit pay stubs it lists paygroup, hours, type (overtime or straight time) and total. we have several paygroup amounts which i would like to also show the $ amount per hour for…
  • Final lien waiver

    Is there a way to run a final lien waiver after final payment has been made to a vendor?