Terminated Employees Disappeared after Payroll Archive


After our 2022 payroll was archived, we can no longer see Terminated employees (status = 5-Terminated) in the current version.  We still can see Laid Off employees and employees that Quit but no Terminated employees.  This was not a problem when we archived payroll in past years.    This seems like an error.

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    Interesting.  it looks like we can access some of them by the method you suggest. Although it still seems to be an error that we can't search on them, whether by searching all Statuses, or specifically by Terminated (i.e. going to the Lookup window from 5-2-1).  However, we do have several employees (at least half) that are not showing up in the list.  I can navigate to their records in the 5-2-1 screen, but it is like they are new records.