Terminated Employees Disappeared after Payroll Archive


After our 2022 payroll was archived, we can no longer see Terminated employees (status = 5-Terminated) in the current version.  We still can see Laid Off employees and employees that Quit but no Terminated employees.  This was not a problem when we archived payroll in past years.    This seems like an error.

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    Hi GreenwoodHomes. If you had the option to remove Terminated employees enabled when you ran the payroll archive, the employees who have no links to other records in the database would have been removed from the current company, and those who do have links to other records would not have been removed but would have been made inactive. This is probably why you are only seeing some of the records. However, all of these records would still be present in the payroll archive.

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    Hi Greg    I did see that the DBA now allowed you to remove employees for the current year that are still connected to job cost records.  I was told you just would no longer see the name associated with those records.  I did not realize it actually kept the employees in the new year, but just made them inactive.  That should have been outlined in the release notes.