Payroll Tax Deposit Processing (Is there a better way?)


I have to make federal and state (California) payroll tax deposits on a weekly basis. 

I use the Federal & State Filing (5-4-1, 5-4-2) reports to calculate my deposits, and then file using Aatrix.

But then I have to create an AP invoice (4-2) of the tax deposit amounts and then "pay" the invoices to match the tax deposit.  

This seems a little redundant (that Sage calculates the amounts for me, but I still need to manually enter the transactions).  Is there an automated method that I haven't figured out?

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    I set up recurring JE's in 1-4 using banking category of check so they appear in the right section for the bank recs.  I set the cycle for 7days if its weekly and the date updates after I post them.  The only thing you have to update is the amounts each week.  I have mine as one record for EFTPS and one record for State.  And my GL accounts are broken down by subaccount for each tax.  Hope this helps.

    I also do this for any automatic withdrawals from checking.  And use recurring payables for employee medical, union benefits, insurances, rent, etc.

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    I do not use 5-4-1 and 5-4-2 until I'm ready to file for that quarter. To make my biweekly tax payment, I use 5-1-3-19 for federal, and just type in the check date. That particular form that comes up, I just save it as a pdf to my payroll tax file. Now I  know how much to pay.

    I do not go to AP invoices 4-2. I go straight to 1-3 journal transactions. I have a template that I use. My template looks like this: debit amount is pulled from my payroll taxes payable with the subaccount whichever I'm paying. the credit account is my checking account for the same amount as the debit.

    Then I go to the federal online payment system EFTPS, make my payment. When the final screen comes up, I do not print, instead i create a pdf and save it to my payroll tax file.

    I save my pdf files to my payroll tax file. Here's how I name them to keep them straight. Say I'm making a payroll tax payment for 10/13/23. I save the report pdf as 10-13-23 report (meaning it was created by sage). I save the EFTPS payment as 10-13-23 payment (meaning I paid the tax and this is my receipt).

    I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions and I can send you screen shots of how I do it. It's super fast.