• Advances Account

    We are moving our development company from Quickbooks to Sage and with it we are having some challenges. For the development company we put a a good amount of charges on the books as advances for future and current projects. Then after we close on the…
  • Sage Fed calculations off by $.01 from payroll company

    I am having an issue with my Sage payroll records calculations being $01 off from my direct deposit payroll company. This is only for Fed tax. Is there anyway to adjust this so it does the calculation automatic or do I have to manually over-ride it…
  • State Income Tax

    How do you eliminate State Income Tax from the Calculations? Our State eliminated the Income Tax many years ago, although politicians spent hundreds of billions of dollars and now want to re-institute it. Sage automatically creates State Income Tax…
  • How to set up an employee's withholdings to exempt in sage 100 contractor?

    I am trying to mark an employee exempt from withholding as requested in Sage 100 contractor, but I do not see a checkbox option to make this change. Is there any other way to do this? Thanks in advance!
  • AP Retainage Invoices

    Can we connect a retainage AP invoice to the original invoice that the retainage was being held from to clear out the balance? For example: Invoice # 1234 is for $1000 with a $200 retainage. We write a check to the vendor for $800. The vendor sends…
  • Vendor Refund Check

    We overpaid a vendor, They issued a refund check for the overpayment, What is the correct way to resolve this and record>?
  • Payroll Check voided in the wrong month.

    We have a march paycheck that was voided in March to be corrected and reissued in march. Unfortunately, it was mistakenly voided in April and now my taxes are off by the void being in 2nd Qtr. Is there a was to fix this?
  • Inventory adjustments

    I am trying to increase inventory on a few items to tie out the quarter. I have done this before by just putting in a destination. When I try and save it is requiring me to put in a source. It then zeros out. How do I increase inventory it was miscounted…
  • Imputed Income Entry

    Hello all, I'd like to know some options for entering imputed income on regular pay records, how do you do it?
  • Purchases using Rewards Points or Rebates with Job Costs

    We purchase small tools or sometimes material for small jobs using Rebates or Rewards Points. Can I just enter an AP Invoice and mark it as paid before saving so the job cost gets entered but there's nothing to pay?
  • Clearing Old Credit Card Transactions

    Previously, my company has reconciled credit cards manually and we would like to take advantage of reconciling using the 4-7-5. However, there are hundreds of credit card transactions from 2016 to current still in there. How can I clear them all with…
  • Credit Card - where do we see the payment?

    Hello, the credit card module is new to us. We have completed our first reconcilation and did the Pay credit card. But our payment is not showing up in 4-2? Where does this payment go to show it is paid? We tried to do an additional reconcilation once…
  • AP entry modification

    Accounts Payable started a transaction in the AP module and saved the transaction due to its length and complexity in order to reach back out to the vendor to clear up an issue with the retention amount shown on their invoice. Before she saved the transaction…
  • Progress billing

    I am unable to enter the final payment for a project. The issue started when I posted the final payment on the incorrect month a few weeks ago under progress billing. In trying to correct the error, I went under A/R voided the invoice and voided the cash…
  • Creating & Using Departments

    Hello, I am wanting to make sure I understand how to use the Departments feature in Sage 100 C before implementing. My goal is to be able to track profitability by Departments 1 & 2. I have gone into each of our projects and made every job have either…
  • Looking for recommendations on tracking absences in 5-2-2

    Hello! Has anyone found a way to notate an absence that would not require a pay type or pay rate? We have used the absence column if an employee is absent and using vacation or sick time and that has worked well. However, it's not uncommon for one of…
  • Timecard Hours Only

    We book payroll by journal entry BUT I'm wanting to post the hours from a timecard - no dollars - nothing to the GL - only total hours to the jobs/work orders listed on the timecard. Is this possible?
  • Payroll

    When I enter my employee's time it isn't doing any of the calculation, what am I doing wrong?
  • Credit Card Transactions

    Hello, we are just beginning to look at the credit card module and importing transactions. When we imported our transactions our credit card put a lump (total) amount for 3 separate transactions. How do job cost this for it to be for 3 separate jobs?
  • Overpayment on AP Invoice

    I paid an invoice twice but the bank is reversing the second payment on my next statement. How do I enter the over payment so that I balance this month?
  • Illinois PFML

    Does anyone know if Sage will be doing an update for the new paid time off in the state of Illinois like the Federal sick leave?
  • trying to find the error in posting job cost don't match the general ledger

    most of the time the JC report matches the expenses on the general ledge, however as we start the new year of 2024 there are unexplained errors, Where do I look or what reports can I run to find the discrepancies? the G/L is higher than JC and I've run…
  • AP Aging Write Off

    Hi, Our company is attempting to write of all AP before 2018. Our goal is to clean up AP/AP Aging report. I realize this cold potential add misc income but that is OK. I'm attempting to remove the old AP from BS, remove the AP from the vendor account…
  • 1-3 Journal Transaction - "Cleared" Status

    I am trying to understand what makes a journal entry in the 1-3 Ledger Transactions be marked as cleared? In my mind after something clears a bank recon then it should be marked as cleared, so the only transactions in the "Open" status are current transactions…
  • Adjusting Journal Entries

    I created a job invoice last year, but the total amount invoiced is less than the actual cost. Unfortunately, since the year 2023 has already ended and the financial statements are being finalized, I cannot make any changes to that year. The CPA suggested…