• Correcting Taxes on an Employee's Pay

    Let's say that Provincial Tax is not correct on an employee's pay. The pay is posted. We notice the shortfall and want to correct year to date. How can this be done?
  • Is there a solution to data entry with Sage 100? I need to be able to process credit cards/purchases in the field to the office and into Sage 100, I also need to do this with AR from contractors, vendors and suppliers; entering manually has to change

    Is there a solution to data entry with Sage 100? I need to be able to process credit cards/purchases in the field to the office and into Sage 100, I also need to do this with AR from contractors, vendors and suppliers; entering manually has to change
  • Why can't I edit a takoff? No one else is currently editing it and the lock edit box is not checked.

    We have three takeoffs in our system right now. I'm currently only able to edit one of them. The others I can open and look at, but not edit.
  • Cannot Delete Inventory Location

    I am trying to delete location and below is what I'm seeing when I try In 12-3 I select the row, right click and choose delete row Pop up message appears: Unable to save. There are 3 references to the record.... Do you want to see the details for…
  • Refund check from Utilities Company

    I received a check from the water company for a meter deposit. The check deducts the last water billed. How do I post the check and credit the open account payable invoice for the last water bill?
  • Discount

    When I entering payments and one of my invoices has a discount, the discount amount should be on the discount column and the paid amount is the total of the invoice? or the paid amount has to be minus the discount?
  • Work Order Costs - Payroll

    A salaried employee worked 2.5 hours on a work order and yet their entire salary for the period (80 hrs) allocated as a cost to the job. Is there a way to revise the cost to reflect only the amount related to the 2.5 hours? Thanks for any feedback.
  • Use Tax

    Good Morning, our company just join Sage 100 Contractor a few months ago and we're struggling to do our jobs. I want to know where we can download Use Sales Tax report, if there is any?
  • Writing checks through 1-1 to vendors

    I see this question was asked 5 years ago about equipment payments through 8-5 not showing up under 4-4 at all as a payment. My question is similar in that we may use a one off through 1-1 to write a check that isn't running through AP. No payments written…
  • Live Chat not working / need assistance

    Hello. I am trying to use my live chat through the Sage 100 Contractor software. It allows me to enter my name, reason for the chat, account number and email, but then just times out. Nothing pops up, no error, nothing. I need assistance but have no…
  • Unit Price Job best practices

    We have started to do more and more Unit Price Jobs. Is it best practice to also set up a cost code based budget for the job or not? If not, how should the labor and a/p invoices be posted? Can you link cost codes to unit price items? Should I create…
  • Inventory Allocation vs a sale.

    I'm wondering here.... We are an electrical company, but do sell parts to the public from our inventory in the warehouse. So my problem of understanding is this Inventory Allocation. When a customer comes in to purchase a part we create an invoice…
  • Error when trying to use 5-4-1 (Payroll Federal Forms)

    Error says; GOAATRIX.EXE-ENTRY POINT NOT FOUND The procedure entry point ?GetW2Box12TaxType@TaxTable@Aatric@@YAHPBD Andrew Z Z could not be locatated in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)/Aatrix Software/Aatric forms/SMB/GoAatrix…
  • Sage 100 Contractor Certified Consultant

    Hello, we are in need of a Sage 100 Contractor Certified Consultant in the Los Angeles area. Any leads?
  • how to post insurance payment for company vehicle after accident

    Company truck was in an accident and was totaled by insurance company. Insurance paid balance due to vehicle loan and balance to us. How do I post all of these transactions?
  • payroll calculation - Sage 100 - regular & OT hours only

    I need a payroll calculation for an employee deduction for "working dues" - this is a percentage of gross wages on regular hours worked and OT hours worked only. I need to exclude vacation or holiday pay. Does anyone have an example of the set up for…
  • Paygroup Benefits

    I am trying to setup paygroups for prevailing wage jobs and am having issues with the benefits. All of our benefits use the calculation method 11-per pay period but, that one doesn't work with paygroups. Does anybody have a suggestion on what calculation…
  • Credit in AP

    How do you process a credit that zeros out an invoice in Sage 100 contractor.
  • Takeoffs

    We are just getting started using Sage 100 Basic Estimating (not stand alone). Is there a way to save multiple takeoffs for one job. We often revise due to clients budgets, design changes, alternates and so on. Is there any way to save multiple takeoffs…
  • Charge profit on some labor but not others

    We use Sage 100 Contractor and bill Cost plus (T&M). We have always charged a "profit" percentage on Cost Type 2 - Labor, which is easily done in 3-10-1. But now, we want to remove the "profit" percentage on some of our labor, but not all, based on…
  • Advances Account

    We are moving our development company from Quickbooks to Sage and with it we are having some challenges. For the development company we put a a good amount of charges on the books as advances for future and current projects. Then after we close on the…
  • inter departmental billing

    Hello. Does anyone know the best way to bill between departments in Sage 100 Contractor? we have one department that acts as a subcontractor to another department and needs to bill them to recognize the revenue for their work.
  • Sage Fed calculations off by $.01 from payroll company

    I am having an issue with my Sage payroll records calculations being $01 off from my direct deposit payroll company. This is only for Fed tax. Is there anyway to adjust this so it does the calculation automatic or do I have to manually over-ride it…
  • State Income Tax

    How do you eliminate State Income Tax from the Calculations? Our State eliminated the Income Tax many years ago, although politicians spent hundreds of billions of dollars and now want to re-institute it. Sage automatically creates State Income Tax…
  • How to set up an employee's withholdings to exempt in sage 100 contractor?

    I am trying to mark an employee exempt from withholding as requested in Sage 100 contractor, but I do not see a checkbox option to make this change. Is there any other way to do this? Thanks in advance!