• Bookkeeper-Franklin, TN

    Looking to hire a full time or part time bookeeper to run Sage 100 Contractor. We own and manage a small General Contracting Firm (10 homes per year) with a small cabinet wholesale business ($2MM going to $4MM) We manage a workout and turnaround…
  • Ohio Local Taxes

    I am in Ohio, and we are in the process of setting up Sage 100 Contractor. Our office is located within a local workplace tax and then we have several employees which have a local school district tax in addition to the local workplace tax. We also have…
  • TUG Conference Info Request

    Hello everyone! My employer recently sent me a link for the TUG National User Conference and asked if we (the office personnel who use Sage 100 Contractor) would be interested in attending and if we thought it would be beneficial to us. We are not currently…
  • Sage 100 Contractor Onboarding

    We are a HVAC Contractor. Sage 100 onboarding right around the corner....any advice? I appreciate your feedback.
  • Sage University

    My sage consultant tells me to go to sage university on the sample company and click on 'New Customers start here' then click on 'essentials' which I did then it tells me the training is currently unavailable.?
  • Sage 100 Contractor Paperless

    Is there a training resource available?

    Where can i find a certified consultant in Colorado
  • How to get trained and certified for Sage 100 Contractor

    An existing user just asked me how they could be trained to get certified. How do we contact and what is the current process ?
  • Looking for recommendations for a Sage Timberline experienced IT company in the Long Island, NY area

    Looking for recommendations for a Sage Timberline experienced IT company in the Long Island, NY area. Our current IT person/company is having medical issues and we are looking for an individual or company that is well experienced with Sage products. Any…
  • Advice Please: Brand new to Sage where is the best place to start?

    Has anyone taken SAGE University? Is there a required level of prior experience or education to make sense of the system? Thank you,
  • ETHOS subscription plan

    Is anyone using the ETHOS subscription Sage plan? We were contacted by ETHOS with no prior knowledge of the company. They are offering a subscription plan with Sage vs a perpetual license. Curious if anyone has switched to ETHOS - is it functioning the…
  • Part-time accounting position in Metro Washington DC

    We are looking for a part time accounting and admin person who has experience with SAGE 100 contractor for our office in Clinto, MD. Some of the work could be done from home. Contact: [email protected]
  • AR Specialist Job Opening

    AR Specialist needed. Experience with Sage 100 Contractor Area: Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Company: Quality Environmental Inc. Contact: Erika Meza de Borjas (562) 941-1434 - [email protected]
  • 5-1-8-81 Report doesn't agree with 5-2-1 screen

    For some reason, since Oct 13 +- my 5-1-8-81 report doesn't agree with 5-2-1. For example, when an employee takes 8 hrs of sick time, report 5-1-8-81 shows 8 under the Sick Taken Column, and -8 under the Accrued column. This makes the total for the…
  • Reminder: This job has a completed status

    Since updating to version 24, we are now receiving a message "Reminder: This job has a completed status? Do you want to save anyway?". A similar message would appear if a job had a "Closed" status. The message for "Closed" status jobs was understandable…
  • AP subcontract billing over the commitment amount

    Hello, Recently I was entering a payable invoice (pay app) subcontractor that was tied to a commitment in Sage 100 Contractor. The pay app included a change order that we had not yet processed in Sage on our end. When entering this, it allowed me…
  • Correcting the period on a posted invoice batch

    A batch of about 200 Invoices was posted to a previous year (period) and the checks were posted in the current period. How do we get the invoices corrected into the current period?
  • Voiding a Unitary Billing when Voided in AR mistakenly

    Many of the posts here refer how to recall and void a progress billing when voided in AR. Our issue is the unitary billing was voided in AR. When trying to void the Unitary Billing, get an error "Can't Void Paid/Void Invoices". Is there a fix of to…
  • I entered a check deposit under Deposits/Interest. However, when I go to Bank Reconciliation the check deposits comes out to zero. When I go the GL the deposit appears twice and cancels the amount out to zero.

    We recieved a refund check from the state in the amount of 1,977.25 and I need to record the check that has already been deposited into our cash account for bank reconciliation. I entered the deposit under Deposits/Interest and only entered the amount…
  • I posted payroll to the wrong period dates. Employees are already paid. How do I correct the payroll post?

    Payroll has been paid out to the employees. However, I realized that the period dates are wrong. How do I correct this issue?
  • how to deduct from employee payroll amount for an invoice that company paid

    how to deduct from employee payroll amount for an invoice that company paid
  • Voiding a credit to an invoice.

    How do we void or edit a credit to an invoice? The wrong account was used when the credit was input and when we go to void the credit Sage says "unable to locate ledger transaction for this record". Thank you for your help
  • Payroll groups

    An employee got a raise and the new paygroup worked for two weeks and on the third week it went back to the old paygroup. I'm at a loss as to why this would happen. Any ideas? thanks!
  • Federal Income Tax change mid year?

    Did anyone else notice a change in the Federal Income Tax Withholdings after the latest update? I noticed starting around June 10th that the exact same salaried individuals had a FIT change and all deductions and liabilities are exactly the same. Doesn…
  • How do I change the posting period to a journal transaction?

    I entered a journal transaction and accidentally saved it under the wrong month and year. How do I change the one journal transaction?