SAGE 300 CRE and 64-bit ODBC or DSN. Possible?

We're trying to set-up a workstation which would allow a 3rd party company (via Microsoft Runtime Integration, etc) to read data off our 300 CRE via the creation of 64-bit ODBC or DSN ... eventual goal is to get our Sage CRE database sending data to an Azure site. Thanks in advance.

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    The CRE ODBC has to be 32-bit because CRE is also 32-bit.  But you can use a 64-bit connection to your server, as long as you create a separate DSN.

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    You should consider using SQL Replicator to address this issue.  SQL Replicator is 32bit and it will replicate the PSQL data over to a x64 SQL Server instance where you can then access the data like you can any MS SQL Database using 64 bit tools. You mention Azure, I commonly see customers pushing Sage 300 CRE data to PowerBI and using SQL Replicator, you can then use an Azure On-Prenise Data Gateway tool to push the data in this MS SQL DB up to Azure for use in PowerBI.

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    I have the same issue, but if you are not on a new enough SQL server then replicator doesnt install.  

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    The replicator will install SQL Server 2016 Express for you.  But you must be on a supported Windows OS and the server must not be a Domain Controller.

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    Hi Jay,

    Is there anyway you can further explain this? We are attempting to start testing out PowerBI using our Sage300 data and currently connect to PowerBI using an ODBC connection. Our issue is that since the Sage300 driver is 32 bit and the PowerBI 'Data Gateway' app we use is 64 bit (no 32bit option) they are incompatible and therefore automatic refreshes aren't possible which is discouraging us from building reports and moving forward. We would like end users to be able to refresh data themselves without having someone with the backend knowledge going into individual reports and refreshing source files etc...

    The SQL replicator is looking like an option as well...

    Thank you,