SAGE 300 CRE and 64-bit ODBC or DSN. Possible?

We're trying to set-up a workstation which would allow a 3rd party company (via Microsoft Runtime Integration, etc) to read data off our 300 CRE via the creation of 64-bit ODBC or DSN ... eventual goal is to get our Sage CRE database sending data to an Azure site. Thanks in advance.

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    You should consider using SQL Replicator to address this issue.  SQL Replicator is 32bit and it will replicate the PSQL data over to a x64 SQL Server instance where you can then access the data like you can any MS SQL Database using 64 bit tools. You mention Azure, I commonly see customers pushing Sage 300 CRE data to PowerBI and using SQL Replicator, you can then use an Azure On-Prenise Data Gateway tool to push the data in this MS SQL DB up to Azure for use in PowerBI.

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    I have the same issue, but if you are not on a new enough SQL server then replicator doesnt install.  

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