How to manually copy macros from old server to new server (NOT using the DataMigrator)

Every time I tried to run the DataMigrator it would tell me it didn't have access to the destination folder and would wipe out all data from the source folder. I ended up having to restore from backup just to get the data back. Manually copied the data then specified folders on the new server.

Problem is I don't have the Macros on the new server and I suspect I also do not have any attachments seeing as I couldn't run the tool properly. I called the Sage 300 support phone number which told me they are useless and offered me third party support.

It is at best sad and pathetic at worst that a company the size of Sage has so little regard for their users that they can't be bothered to pick up the phone when a paying subscriber has technical issues. We will be looking for alternative solutions after our contract expires.

Seeing as Sage has pretty much said good luck figuring this out, do any of you noble community members know how to manually migrate the macros and attachments? Googling has done nothing but lead me to folders and paths that don't exist on the old or new server.

Thanks to the community in advance and Sage you simply need to do better

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    Hi  ,

    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I understand the challenges you’ve encountered during the data migration process and the frustration with the support received. I have escalated your comments to our support team to ensure they are aware of the situation and to seek a resolution. If you have not yet found a solution, please let us know so we can provide further guidance or recommend additional resources to assist you. Your experience is important to us, and we are committed to improving it.

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    Thank you for responding Erzsi.

    I started a case after creating the post, # 8009841307.

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    I used the DataMigrator in October to migrate to a new server with a new name.  It generally worked fine with a few issues, such as it brought the macros over but didn't change the server name to the new server name in the paths for the macros, so I used an editor to manually change the paths using find/replace of the required server name part of the paths.  NOTE that if you decide to use this method Notepad messes up the file, but editing with Notepad++ worked for me.  Of course you will want make a copy of a macro file first, run your find/replace, then test the macro to be sure that your procedure works.  This was way quicker than recreating the macros, unless you don't have many.  I am not going to touch the attachments part of your question because there are too many variables related to those depending on other programs you may have that interact with Sage.