• Updating software from 17.3 to most current version

    Is there any issue with updating to 23.1 (SQL)from 17.3 (SQL)? Do we need to install an earlier version(s) and step up to 23.1? We have a new server and it is capable of supporting 23.1. Thank you Dean
  • Sage Estimating Version 23.1 url is dead (and a fix)

    If you go to the link for the new version of estimating it takes you here: https://support1.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?noCount=true&externalId=119805&sliceId=1&cmd=&ViewedDocsListHelper=com.kanisa.apps.common.BaseViewedDocsListHelperImpl…
  • Sage Configuration

    I'm trying to install Estimating on a Windows 11 computer. I can't use SQL14. It won't allow me to manage it at all. So I've installed a newer version of SQL. When I go through the setup, licensing is good, then when it checks the DB it tells me the Collation…
  • How can we download the 2022 Means cost data files?

    I have already installed BCCD2021 and we are licensed to use it. How can we download the 2022 Means cost data files as explain in your document : Means 2022 Integration Guide
  • Has anyone tried Estimating on Windows 11?

    I was recently offered the Windows 11 upgrade on my work computer, but I'm not sure Estimating will work correctly. I upgraded another system that is not running Estimating and everything seems to be the same as W10. Has anyone done it successfully…
  • Installing Sage estimating (SQL) without SSMS

    During the installation on workstation we have this error: The solution to resolve that case is to install Microsoft SQL Server Managment Studio (SSMS). We’re in the packaging process for the deployment of Sage Estimating. The team in charge of the…
  • License Administration has been unable to contact the Sage entitlement services to verify entitlement

    We are a Managed Services Provider for a client. Recently, when opening Sage Estimating software, the client received the message, "License will expire in XX days since all recent attempts to contact Sage have failed." A Sage systems integrator sent our…
  • Upgrade from Estimating 18.12 to 19.12

    Can I upgrade from 18.12 to 19.12 and also use the existing data? I am looking for instructions to upgrade to 19.12 and also migrate the data to the new instance. Currently I have SQl server 2016. Thanks Prakash
  • Activation Codes and Serial numbers?

    In my Sage Portal, I find all of the products I have previously purchased from Sage, some active and others inactive. What I can not find are the serial numbers and activation codes for the active products. The fields are empty. Anyone have any ideas…
  • Custom Crystal Reports Wont run on 18.12

    So we tried to update from 17 to 18.12 with Estimating. However, when we did this all of our Crystal Reports wont work.. We are using SQL for our databasing. (SAP Crystal Reports 2016 Support Pack 5) Version Is what were running for Crystal…
  • Models in version 14.11?

    I just downloaded version 14.11. In reading though the release notes, I see no mention of models....that does not sound good. Does anyone know if they have killed off models? We use them extensively. Arch
  • Looking to update to 17.1

    I have a user that is on ver.15.1 and we are looking to update him to 17.1. If he is using pervasive can we upgrade him to SQL and can he access the old files. Will the new software be able to update the older files?
  • Moving fro Pervasive to SQL

    Hello, We are finally going to take the plunge and move over to the SQL version of Estimating but had a few simple (hopefully) questions that my Reseller is not being helpful with and I do not want to pay Sage to answer since it is basically just…
  • Sage estimating license activation server is off line

    Anyone know when the Sage estimating license activation server will be back on line? With version 17.11, you have to do an on line activation (vs being able to use the license manager that has worked well for years). I was told by support yesterday that…
  • Estimating 17.11 SQL

    Just wanting to know if any one knows the expected GR for Estimating 17.11 SQL?
  • USB Protection Devices in a Hyper-V VM

    Is anyone using Hyper-V to host their Sage Estimating License Manager with the USB protection device? From what I've found , Sage appears to take a decidedly hands-off approach to supporting the use of their software within VMs, especially when it comes…