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I recently added 178 lines to a new company in SAGE. These assets had 3 different class codes and were all depreciation method RV. For some reason when I run the depreciation projection, 41 of them are showing as 0 and I can't figure out why they're different than the others that worked as expected. It is a mix of 3 class types so I don't believe it is that. Also please note this is in a Non-profit book set. Do you have any ideas of what else I should check? This an example of my upload for class type 8 where all but 1 worked. 

Thank you! NicoleBuilding Deprec Projection F24.xls

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    Hello Nicole,

    RV means Remaining value over the Remaining life which is turn means that unless there is a remaining life on the asset, there will be no calculation of depreciation and the estimated life is always calculated from the Placed-in Service date.

    A 2002 asset with what I am assuming is a 9-year life, it not going to have a remaining life to calculate.

    To be exact, reports cannot help, but the detailed book information of the asset would allow me to be precise.

    Attached to How to fully depreciate an under depreciated asset there is a excel sheet to assist with what the Estimated life should be. 


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    Hi Delray,

    I was able to update a few of my assets but I'm still struggling with the older assets that are on their second half of life. For example, my building that was put into service in in 1991 is only 32 years through its 50 years but when I put in 18 years of useful life I get 0 depreciation. But if I put 50, the system doesn't seem to be smart enough to realize that those 32 years have already passed so it does it evenly over 50 years. Do you have any recommendations for these types of assets?

    As a comparison, my building improvement that was put into service in 2015 with a useful life of 30 years, I set the useful life as 22 years in SAGE and it is able to calculate that correctly.