Depreciation this run is incorrect



I just reran depreciation for Nov-23 and the grand total for Depreciation This Run is $14M, which is like 95% of total Accumulated Depreciation, which is $15M. I expect the depreciation for Nov-23 to be around 200k, give or take. I then proceed to rerun depreciation for Oct-23, which similar issue came up. I reran depreciation up until Aug-23, this time the amount on Depreciation This Run was 14M, even though the Prior Accumulated Depreciation is only $12M... Please help.


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    Hello Eddie,

    The whole point of running depreciation back for a prior period is to set you Prior Through date which controls what appears in the Depreciation this run.

    If you are looking for November’s numbers you first run to October DO NOT look at that report, then run for November then, then you will have the DTR for November only.

    If you are looking to verify prior period postings – I would suggest the Monthly projection report, it is faster to get those monthly number AND it is the only report which has a monthly number on it by design.

    Please see What is depreciation this run for more information.


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    Hi Delray,

    Let me give you some background on what I wanted to do, maybe that'll clear things up a bit.

    I noticed one of the assets I've created in December should not be there, meaning it was a duplicate, but by the time I realized this I already ran depreciation for December. In order for me to un-do depreciation for December, I had to rerun depreciation for Nov-23 (at least thats what I was told to do). Hence the reason why this whole thing started. 

    After re-running depreciation for November, I compared the new depreciation expense report with the old depreciation expense report for Nov-23. I expected it to match because nothing new happened in November. However, as I've mentioned in this thread, the grand total for DTR is incorrect. 

    Please let me know what you insights are and how to fix this. Thanks!

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    Right, don't do that comparison. In this case, that run for November is the report you do not want to look at since your target, after the changes are made, is December. 

    Or you could have just inactivated the duplicate asset, then all its information would just disappear, as if it never existed and then you could re-run the December reports.

    Really, what you described in your initial post is expected behavior.  


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    Thank you Delray, that was very helpful!