Where do you update pay rates so that they migrate from the HR side to the payroll side?


I want to update the pay rate so that it automatically updates from the HR side to the Payroll side (or vice versa)  What's the best way to do this so that I'm not having to manually update it in every spot. 

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    There is a template that links fields (such as hourly pay rate in HR to an earning code in payroll) in Setup called Employee Profile (Setup > (Codes) Payroll > (Database Setup) Employee Configuration.  Select the Profile ID you use in Open Payroll.  On the Earnings tab select the earning code that is your hourly pay rate and in Sage HRMS column link it to Hourly.  Review remaining fields and click Save.  

    When Open Payroll Process is run with that Profile ID, the payrate can be updated once processed.  Please note that the push is one way from HR to Payroll (not Payroll to HR).  When making a pay change in HR, ensure that the pay effective date is correct.

    I would suggest reaching out to your reseller or Sage HRMS support for further details as their are other fields that can affect the transfer of the employee's pay rate such as 'Calculate Pay Rate as Hourly' in Open Payroll the Salaried/Hourly field on the employee's Current Job page in HR.