• A call to SSPI failed see inner exception

    Failling to send emails from ESS and getting error A call to SSPI failed see inner exception . I have upgraded my tis t0 1.2 but still problem persist
  • ESS & Termed Employees: Best Practice

    I'm assuming that if we exclude termed employees from having access to ESS then the moment they're termed, they are blocked. I've been asked if we can allow the termed employees access so that they can download paystubs etc. Keeping a login for a termed…
  • Advance SMTP Support for ESS

    Any word when advanced SMTP support will be available for ESS? Using the internal SMTP service on the web server is NOT an acceptable solution for many clients. This has been a request for years and yet never seems to get addressed.
  • Where do you update pay rates so that they migrate from the HR side to the payroll side?

    I want to update the pay rate so that it automatically updates from the HR side to the Payroll side (or vice versa) What's the best way to do this so that I'm not having to manually update it in every spot.
  • Tracking employee job location or facility

    HI, I wondered how other people might be using HRMS to track an employee location, or maybe cost center has a place to store location or facility. I can see where the job/cost center would have a home facility/location. I see in hrpersnl table there's…
  • Can I do a labor allocation in HRMS like you could in Abra?

    I have an employee that is going to work part time in one department and part time in another for a period of time. How do I allocate the labor to the different departments? In Abra there was a labor allocation but I cannot find it in HRMS.

    We have workers who are on visas who are not required to withhold for USFIT. Currently, the only way to change the withholding method to Taxable, No Withholding is for our business partner to go "behind the scenes" in our data and make the adjustment…
  • Inactivate Emergency Paid Leave

    Now that our Emergency Paid Leave has expired as of 9/30/2021 can I just inactivate the earning code in the payroll setup? We hired 2 new employees and in the Open Payroll it is showing errors since they were hired after the paid leave expired. Tha…
  • No records could be displayed error when trying to click on benefit eligibility in ESS

    I have open enrollment running for a few of our companies. But when trying to add a new plan and start a different company open enrollment I keep getting an error saying No records could be displayed. Even on the plans that are undefined and not in an…
  • ESS Approval Notifications - Can approval notification go to more than one person

    Within ESS, is it possible to set an approval notification to go to more than one person? Currently, it is set for the manager to get the time off notice and approve. However, I also need to receive notice the request was approved or denied. Can ESS…
  • When adding a new hire, can they automatically default to probationary full time?

    When adding a new hire in hrms, it always defaults to part time but I would like it to default to probationary full time. Is there a way to change this setting?
  • Is there a way to automatically have tax items such as FLSUTA, USFIT, USMED, USSS automatically appear when adding a new hire?

    Is there a way to automatically have tax items such as FLSUTA, USFIT, USMED, USSS automatically appear when adding a new hire instead of me manually adding all 4 of these each time to an employee's record? current, when adding a new hire, I have to…
  • Pennsylvania Employee Unemployment

    In Sage HRMS, how do we add the employee unemployment tax deduction for the state of Pennsylvania?
  • Attendance Balance

    We are using vacation plans that Use Payroll Accrual Rules. We had an employee's accrued balance cleared out near their anniversary date but I can't find any setting that would cause the balance to clear as it did. Any suggestions or settings to check…
  • Biweekly Deductions Over 24 Checks instead of 26

    Hello, Is it possible to set up deductions for biweekly employees to deduct twice a month, instead of every check? We recently switched to HRMS payroll from Sage 100 payroll. In Sage 100 we had the option to select which pay periods to include deductions…
  • Where can I find the Tax Rate tables?

    Is there a table that holds the current tax rate tables? I can't seem to locate one and can't find the tables by navigating in the client. Thanks!
  • Sage HRMS (Version 10.4018) Adding More Employees

    We have Sage HRMS (Version 10.4018) and have the 300 employee version. We do not use Sage HRMS for payroll - we just use it for our personnel database and reporting. We are getting ready to hire over 200 more employees. Would love to just add more employee…
  • Open enrollment - New FSA Plan not available

    Hello all- I have created a new "Benefit Election" for the new FSA plan year. I mirrored the setup of the previous year, but it does not show up when setting up Open Enrollment in ESS. See pics below. Does anyone know what I need to do differently to…
  • Employee Photo's wont display in demographics for one user

    we have a new HRMS user that the photo's do not display when in demographics. All other users can view them fine. User has same security group as the others, and if they go directly to the windows explorer to where they are kept , can open and view…
  • Lime Green Highlight Bar

    Is there any way to change the lime green color back to what it was? This color makes it very hard to read the highlighted line. For those of us who look at a computer screen all day, we desire products that improve eye fatigue, not make it worse. This…
  • Sage ESS and GMail

    Is there a way to setup Sage ESS to send emails when the customer is using GMail for company emails?
  • ESS 2017 Q1 2019 update

    We recently loaded the ESS 2017 Q1 2019 update. Anxious to use the outlook calendar add process when time off is requested by your employees. So far I see no difference in the email notifications. Is there something that has to be turned on or configured…
  • ESS Home Page Database Error

    We are getting a ESS database error when when a manager logs in and views the Home Page of ESS. The exact error is: Sage Employee Self Service was unable to find the necessary data. This may be due to problems in the ESS database or an internal program…
  • How to upload 2018 W-2's into ESS so employee's can get to them.

    How to upload 2018 W-2's into ESS so employee's can get to them. Is this possible?
  • Does ESS need TLS 1.0

    Is TLS 1.0 required for ESS?