HRMS client on-line Help function not working

We have a number of different customers and lab environments running Sage HRMS , ESS, and/or HRMS Web, Quarter 2 2023 update.

In all of those environments, if the system default browser is set to Edge or Chrome, then when a user clicks on Help inside HRMS (which should normally open a web browser, which opens a portal page on, which redirects to the specific help/documentation page), they instead receive an error indicating a redirection loop: " redirected you too many times."

(If the default browser is set to Firefox, however, the page works as expected. Chrome or Edge always* fails with a redirect error. So this would seem to be specific to browsers built on the Chromium engine?)

Clearing cookies (the usual recommended fix) has no effect. 

One maddening thing: The problem is intermittent; for instance, the error page (that loads after the failed redirect) attempts to automatically reload itself again after a delay (with no input from the user at the browser). This automatic refresh usually also fails with the same error, but very occasionally, the page will work as expected and redirect the user to the proper help page once. Closing the browser and running help again, however, results in the redirect error again.

(This intermittency has also been replicated in multiple test and customer environments.)

We suspect that the issue may have to do with a misconfiguration (on Sage's end) of Cloudflare and/or the CDN service, as we cannot find any installed instance of HRMS where help works as expected. Sage support cannot replicate the problem, perhaps because they are trying to do so inside the Sage network (i.e., not going through the same path that an external user opening HRMS help would go).

Can any users of HRMS client (Q1/Q2 2023 update), using Windows 10/11, where the default web browser is set to Edge or Chrome, help us sanity-check by clicking on the Help button/Opening the "Search Help" menu item in HRMS client?

Does it work correctly for you? If so, can you verify which browser is being used to view the Help content?

If not, can you tell us what error you receive?