Advance SMTP Support for ESS

Any word when advanced SMTP support will be available for ESS? Using the internal SMTP service on the web server is NOT an acceptable solution for many clients.

This has been a request for years and yet never seems to get addressed.

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    Hello Tim B

    Can you tell us more information about the Advance SMTP support you are inquiring about for ESS? We understand there is a product out there called "Advanced SMTP Server" to ensure we address your question accordingly.

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    Thanks for responding.  I'm referring to the smtp configuration found in System Maintenance.  There is no facility to add the email account, password, or smtp port (443 for example) in the email configuration.  You are forced to use either an smtp service that works on port 25 with no user account or password required or you need to install an smtp relay somewhere in the local environment. This is no longer acceptable for many client's IT providers.  They expect (and rightly so) for a software application to support access to gmail and Office 365 email services - or to at least support an external 3rd party smtp service which generally needs some of the other pieces of information I referenced earlier. Sage 300 and Sage x3 have both added this capability several releases ago.