ESS & Termed Employees: Best Practice

I'm assuming that if we exclude termed employees from having access to ESS then the moment they're termed, they are blocked. I've been asked if we can allow the termed employees access so that they can download paystubs etc. Keeping a login for a termed employee will use one of our employee count. I'm curious how other folks manage this. 

What is the best practice to handle terms in ESS?

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    Hello TIM

    The Sage ESS Master user can set up the logon requirements based on the following employee status: Active, Terminated, Leave of Absence (LOA) and Not Employee.  Active employee is set to allow access by default, but the Master user have the option to also allow Terminated, LOA in even in some cases can choose to allow Not Employee status (Retirees etc.…) to access to Sage ESS, this is done on the Sage ESS Logon Setup option.

     Note only Active and Leave of Absence (LOA) employee statuses are counted toward active licenses in Employee Self Service. If you are on the Premium version of Sage ESS, when login as the Master user, at the Logon Set up page, ESS provide the following information regarding the license count: Purchased, Used and Available user license count or toward the end of the Logon Set up page if you are on the existing version of Sage ESS. For more detail, click on the following link