• Updating HR Analytics

    How do you get HR Analytics to update? I would like to use these reports, but the data is old.
  • Pending Timeoff Requests not visible for action

    We currently have a situation where pending time off requests are not showing in either the employee or manager list views to be actioned, however, they are visible in the TimeOff Calendar. In all of the cases, the date for the request has already passed…
  • Archived Employees Still in Lookup Lists

    I have archived employees in HRMS using the Archive Terminated Employees process. When I go tor un reports and lookup by employee number, they are still showing in that list. Mostly in payroll, but some HR reports also. How do I get these employees removed…
  • new budget numbers

    Hello, We need to replace old budget numbers with new ones under employee earning distribution - GL segment2. For example, 200 employees are currently using budget number 123456, we want to change it to 67890. What is the best way to do it other than…
  • Accrual not resetting?

    I am currently working through my year end close, have run the new update and my accruals did not reset for the new year. Any ideas?