• Sage HRMS Q4 2023 Existing Version - Remove Import Timesheet

    After reading the release notes for the Q4 2023 update, what does it mean by 'Remove Import Timesheet'? It says it will be removed from the Process Payroll map. Does that mean we will no longer be able to import CSV files in the 'Timecard List' step…
  • how to know which check form to select

    we either need to know which check form to select for our current stock of checks or how to know which checks to order and then which check forms to select. is there a way to see how each form displays? or how to we make selection?
  • Oregon Paid Family Leave HRMS Q4 2022 payroll tax update

    It looks like the latest payroll tax update for HRMS did not include Oregon Paid Family Leave. What is the recommendation for how it should be set up?
  • What encryption does Self Service use for passwords?

    Hello! We are working on integrating a full course/training application in our environment. To avoid having to create more passwords for our employees, we would like to integrate the existing Abra Self-Service tUSERS table with this system. I guess…
  • Sage 300 CRE and Sage HRMS

    Can Sage HRMS be used with (intergrated) Sage300 CRE? We are looking for A software product that will intergrate with Sage 300 CRE and include timesheets and HR functions. Can you make recomendations?
  • New Hire - Payroll Tab

    My colleague and I just entered two new employees (separately) and both are having this issue. We both went through the new hire process with no issues. After finishing the process, we clicked on the payroll tab only to get a pop-up message that said…
  • Calculate Payroll Errors

    Is there a way to add the employee number to the error codes that are generated from the Calculate Payroll process?
  • Is there an Import file template and instructions to import hours from 3rd party time keeping system?

    We are implementing a new time clock/ time keeping system that has the ability to create an import file of employee hours. I am looking for the required template that this file needs to match and instructions covering the creation of the needed file and…
  • Creating a Report with a Date Range

    I am needing to create a report/query that brings back the earning for RFT employees for a date range and I need the date range to be asked every time the report/query is run. Any help on how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  • Error during Open Payroll

    How do I fix this error that appeared during Open Payroll: Earning - Earning Code(E010), Distribution Code () does not exist in payroll. Check Employee Configuration and Payroll. I feel like I have looked at everything for this particular employee.
  • SAGE HRMS_Time Cut-off am facing some errors when i run the activity

    Hi all, i am new to SAGE HRMS, still trying to understand how to calculate employee time. so here is my thread, when i am trying to run Time cut-off, am facing some errors. like .. Legal working hours less than the theory". can any one help me on…
  • DC Paid Family Leave - July 1

    Effective July 1, District of Columbia will begin collecting taxes from employers n the form of a " 0.62% quarterly payroll tax based on the immediate past quarter of gross or total wages paid, much like the unemployment insurance tax." Will Sage be modifying…
  • 2019 401k maximum in payroll

    Is anyone having an issue with HRMS not allowing a 401k withholding of 19,000? Our payroll system is stopping the withholding at 18,500 despite the rule saying 19,000. We've also changed annual amount on pay tab to 19,000.
  • Why can we not add the LINENO field in UPCHKD to any Crystal Report?

    When you add the LINENO field (it's just a numeric field) to a crystal report and then refresh the data, it always generates an error 1526 and ends not only Crystal but the HRMS session as well. HRMS version 10.7036 with Crystal 2011.
  • HRMS Canadian Payroll: Ontario Employer Health Tax

    In HRMS 2017 Canadian Payroll, does anyone know how to set up Ontario Employer Health Tax? Specifically, where do we enter the exemption amount? We've pulled the tax code from HRMS table, but there is for field to set exemption and the system starts calculating…
  • Earning code showing $0 on check if flat earning type

    We have an salary and wages, flat earning code setup in HRMS. We are running the open payroll and checking the calculate pay rates as hourly option. When we add in the earning code to a timesheet, put in 1 hour and $100 for the amount, the $100 is not…
  • new budget numbers

    Hello, We need to replace old budget numbers with new ones under employee earning distribution - GL segment2. For example, 200 employees are currently using budget number 123456, we want to change it to 67890. What is the best way to do it other than…
  • Product Enhancement Request: Filtering Field Level Security

    Would like to see filters on field Level Security to give more options at unique access rights... For example: I could use the Product Group Filters and restrict access to a group of employee's based on an Org Level Value, and this prevents that user…
  • Employee Self Service - employee pay history

    If we are just rolling out ESS and the client has been using Sage 300 ERP Cdn payroll for sometime, will the employees be able to see pay history in ESS?
  • Pay Stub PDF Password

    When we process our bi-weekly payroll a PDF is created on our Sage 300 server for each employees paystub during the pay period. I am able to locate the PDFs but when I go to open them it requires a password. I have no idea of what the password would be…
  • Payroll Audit Trailing?

    Hello! As of recent I have had the need to do an Audit Trail for End User Changes on the Payroll side of HRMS 2015 but there is no feature to do so. When I checked the auditing feature I see that only the HR side of HRMS is supported for Audit Trailing…
  • SQL Database Error while calculating Payroll in HRMS.

    Hello! I have an issue with calculating payroll and it has existed since I first implemented HRMS two year ago. Therefore this issue has existed in all 3 versions I have tried. The last thing support had me try was to completely wipe out my HRMS install…
  • RE: Payroll Outsourcing

    Interfaces exist for Benefits Mall, Paychex and ADP. Additionally, those who want to process payroll in-house and outsource tax filing, we've developed an interface for the EmpowerTax filing service. You can find more details here .