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I'm planning on subscribing for Sage 300 - Accounting Manager module. If I buy the learning module, do I get to download a student version of the software for learning purpose?

If yes, when do I get to download the student version?


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    Hi Adil, just tested the registration process for Sage 300 confirm that only download links are included.

    The student version of Sage 300 install / activation process is detailed in the 3 page installation instructions. Everything you need to install the Student Version is in that document (attached here below).   

    The student version is not a regular version, so it'll only run data formatted for the student version.

    Ran the install to check


    The install instructions and above screen detail the need to install MS SQL Server to set up the database containers which the software will use for the company database.

    Before you can open a company, you must load data. If you try to open Sage 300 and there is no data set up, a message appears saying “There are no installed organizations.” This data is usually supplied with a student book. We at Sage don't have any test data to provide.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm Regards, 

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    Thank you so much Erzsi. You have been super helpful!