Sage 50 - 2019 Installation

Dear Sirs,

I am a student at Glendale Community College in the USA, CA.

  I am taking accounting courses and sage50 - 2019 is our Educating Version, I am facing difficulties with reinstalling my sage 50-2019 Because I Installed the first time and everything was okay and I did the 1st assignment assigned by the college, as I was searching the 2nd file in the sage to continue solving the 2nd problem i noticed that there was no any file anymore and after so many searched and struggle I decided to uninstall and reinstall it again and used the same code provided by the college but did not work, moreover your system is requesting to buy the program. But I don't need to buy the program now I am just a student and working on the Education Version of Sage. Please, could someone help me to solve my problem as I am not able to continue to proceed and do my assignments anymore and progressing no more?

Many thanks in advance,

Haiganouche Azilazian

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    I am a student in Canadore college, Ontario, Canada 
    i was trying installing and setting up sage50 in my pc but after successfully installing it. when i try to open it. It brings up a dialog box.

    i tried changing the font settings but it wont allow me to. so i am not sure what to do next. would really appreciate your help.