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I have created a split bill rule (that has six secondary clients) as recurring per the Help information that states:  "Timeslips automatically recreates the split billing rule after the clients associated with it have been included on an approved bill."  I am now in need of sending another bill to the clients on the same matter, but cannot get the secondary bills to generate.  The primary bill does display the client/split bill information for the new charges, but none of the secondary bills are generated.  If I try to create a duplicate primary, it does not duplicate the secondary clients.  How can I get the secondary bills to generate?

Thank you! 

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     What makes you think it is not generating the secondary bills?  Are you printing them to paper? PDF? Looking at them on Display?  If on Display, you may need to ask it to show the next client in the series, as it only shows one client's bill at a time.

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    Was the original Split Billing rule set to 'recurring' so that it will continue throughout the case?  If not, it expired after the first bill was generated and approved.  You can delete the existing rule and re-create it now making sure to mark the 'Recurring' box.

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    Thank you for your responses.  I did try printing and only got the primary bill.  The original primary client was set for recurring from the start.  

    What I did discovery was in the interim since sending the first bill I had sent out past due notices, which have as a different bill format, and when I changed the secondary clients back to the first bill format, it worked as intended!  

    Thank you again!