• Timeslips 2019 Billing Assistant

    Somehow when accessing Billing Assistant and trying to search for a specific client using the client dropdown arrow or typing the client name in the search box, the list changed from using Nickname1 to Nickname 2. In my system all nickname1's use client…
  • How to add references to clients in timeslip premium

    How to add references to a client
  • Where is the client accounts/funds dialog?

    It may be because I'm using the 14 day trial, but the "client funds" dialog screen is no where to be found (by me). I don't even have the cute little icon of the building on my toolbar
  • Show Invoice Number on Bills with New Charges not working properly

    I am using Sage Timeslips Premium - Build Under General Setting, Transactions: Bills, I have the setting "Show Invoice Number on Bills with New Charges selected but the invoices with just a previous balance or payment received that have no…
  • Spell Check

    I am using Time Slips 2010. During spell check, quite often a word is misspelled (for instance, a name) but the correct spelling does not show up in my list of options. Is there a way to correct the spelling at that point? So far I've had to choose "ignore…
  • Security for timekeepers

    Hello, I am the Administrator (Supervisor) for our Timeslips program. A few months ago, I set up rights and permission for each Timekeeper. I haven't logged on as Administrator /Supervisor since then. Today I needed to change rights via the Set-up/Security…
  • Timeslips 2017 e-billing

    Does anyone know how to program Timeslips 2017 so that some but not all invoices are delivered ONLY by email? In other words, I want to print/send invoices to all clients at the same time, but some clients prefer only email delivery. Short of manually…
  • lists

    I have upgraded to the newest version of Timeslips . When I click on the client list, it works fine. Trying to look at the timekeepers, task list, or expense list, nothing happens. I'm sure some setting is just not turned on. Any advice?
  • Change User Rate per Controller

    We have 2 controllers in Timeslips - how can I change a user's rate per controller?
  • Deposit Slip Number

    We enter our operating and escrow deposits into timeslips premium. My boss would like the deposit slip number to revert back to 1 at the beginning of the year. I sent to setup - bank accounts and was able to change the number back to #1. But when I created…
  • Split Billing...

    I have a client where I have set up split billing. I have entered time and it comes up as I want it so far. This was a partnership which has now dissolved. The main client has additional work we have done that no longer invoices the sub client. I want…
  • E Center

    Is there a setting when I open timeslips to automatically ask if I want to sync from e center? I thought I had seen that somewhere but not finding it now. Thanks.
  • Consultant help

    Does anyone in Phoenix AZ (east valley) offer in person help at an attorney office for a consultant fee
  • Printing

    I run a large number of bills per month and print them to one big pdf for my records. If I need to look at 1 previous bill I will "print to display." Since the upgrade when I try this the program hangs and will not do anything. I have to use task manager…
  • E-Center

    Is there a way to set the date to default to the last entered time slip date? Or will it always default to the current date? Thanks.
  • Using Ecenter with multiple databases.

    I have been using Timeslips since 1990. I have been outsourcing billing services to many firms at the same time by using multiple databases. Now with the Ecenter my firms can enter their time using a symple app. I have been using Txt files created from…
  • Increasing Timeslips Screen for Old People

    Okay, I'll admit that I am embarrassed asking this, but my vision is diminishing due to old age. lol. Is there any settings that can be adjusted in Timeslips so that the font size is larger or even the windows so that it is easier to read. I tried adjusting…
  • TCP/IP ports

    Which ports need to be opened for accessing the computer that's acting as the Timeslips server?
  • Split bill recurring

    Hello, I have created a split bill rule (that has six secondary clients) as recurring per the Help information that states: "Timeslips automatically recreates the split billing rule after the clients associated with it have been included on an approved…
  • LEDES Files

    My coworker is ale to export to LEDES files but for some reason I am not. Since we're sharing clients it's all set-up the same for both of us so I am not sure what do to and why this is happening. Thank you for the help.
  • Sage Timeslips Profile

    Just a quick question. Whenever I logged into Sage 2020 Timeslips, a different profile shows up. Is there any preference in Sage Timeslips that when I login, it would show my profile and my saved preferences?
  • EIN Number

    Hello, We just set up a new company in Timeslips and pulled information from our previous company. We do not know how to change the EIN number that is showing on our invoices. We were able to easly change the company name, but cannot find the field for…
  • eCenter

    How do I set up ecenter users?
  • Master Client

    I have never set up any of our clients as Master Clients before. Our clients are simply set up with references. Once a client is set up, can it be switched and set up as a Master client or does it need to be set up as a Master client from the beginning…
  • Timeslips User kicked out

    A new user was added. The drop down list kicked out another user. How would I add/ edit the list for licensed Users?