Advance Bank Statement Import - BAI2 format – Part 1 Setup.

1 minute read time.

This 2-part series of blog may assist you to have better understanding of Advance Bank Statement Import using BAI2 format. In Part 1 we will go through the necessary setup. In part 2 we will cover import of the statement and process transactions including automatic matching, manual matching, and manual entry.

BAI2 file format is a standardized set of codes which comes in text format. It was introduced by the "Bank Administration Institute", based in the US, to facilitate previous day reporting of account balance information to clients and their agents, for activities that have occurred on a client's accounts.

The main objective of the BAI2 file format is to provide clients with structured, machine-readable account information that can be consumed and processed by client systems automatically, to provide sufficient account information to support their business needs including automated account reconciliation processes in ERP "Electronic Reconciliation Processing" systems.


Before you can start working with the advanced bank statement import process, you may need to complete the steps detailed below.

  1. Activate the BSI – Bank statement import activity code.

2.Create a payment attribute to manage various payments.

3. Create a dedicated payment entry type for the bank statement import and assign a default payment attribute.

4. Invoice number definition. (Used for automatic matching process)

5. BP number definition. (Used for automatic matching process)

6. Define bank import settings used for the statement import and controlled by company and bank account.