Can the credit card processing screen come out to process?

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I was setting up Sage Exchange on a new 2023 R1 test folder. I started testing Credit Card transactions and found that the Credit Card processing screen wouldn’t open when I tried to create or save a Sales Order (GESSOH) under Sales, Orders. And the Credit card processing option from the Functions menu in the right box was grayed out too. I had selected the Payment term for credit cards. What was stopping the Credit Card processing screen from opening?

Follow along as I go searching for the missing setup steps.

A good place to start is the Online help center. The guide for setting up credit card processing can be found under the (1) How to tab, (2) Financials section. The guide is called (3) Sage Exchange implementation. Always refer to the Online help center to locate the most up-to-date guides.  Don’t rely on the guides that were downloaded long ago.

Here is the Menu from the guide:

The Prerequisites section mentions that I need merchant account which l have. It tells me that in v11 and higher the Java Bridge server is no longer required for batch processing of credit cards. I’m in v12 so I don’t have to worry about the Java Bridge. 

Now on to the Setup.

  • Activate the SEPP - Credit Card Integration activity code and perform a dictionary validation.
    • The Activity Codes (GESACV) function is found under Development, Data and parameters, Development setup.

  • The Dictionary validation is located under Development, Utilities, Dictionary, Validation (VALDICO).
  • Specify Payment gateway parameters.
    • Go to Setup, Usage, Credit card, Payment gateways (SEPAR). The image below is the test setting that you will find in the SEED folder.

  • Define Sage Exchange processing codes.
    • Processing codes are defined in Payment gateway setup, Usage, Credit card, Payment gateway setup (GESSER)
    • I’ve set up Processing code Some key values:
      • Selected Active
      • Authorization Step is set up to be on Order Entry
      • I’ve set a Minimum amount of $5 for credit card transactions.

  • Once you have finished the data entry, be sure to click on the Validation If you have successfully completed the Merchant Id and key fields, you will receive an Information message: “The Merchant ID and key are valid in Sage Exchange.”

  • Set up or activate credit card processing on a payment method.
    • Now here is the part that I missed on my first time through.
    • I went back to Common data, BP tables, Payment methods (GESTAM) and called up CRC which is my payment method for credit cards.
    • I hadn’t selected Credit card processing!
    • I selected it and saved.

Although we’ve found the missing setup, let’s continue on with reviewing the setup.

  • Create a Sage Exchange or payment card payment term.
    • The key for the Common data, BP tables, Payment term (GESTPT) is that the Payment type must be equal to Open item.

  • Create or update payment entry type.
    • For Setup, A/P-A/R accounting, Payment entry transaction (GESTPY), I’m using RECCC. It has the all important Payment method CRC which I didn’t set up correctly the first time.
    • Note: in the guide, we are warned about selecting the Bank card number on the Entry “Selecting this checkbox could lead to a user entering a customer’s bank card number and having it stored in your database. This puts you at risk because the entry does not meet compliance criteria and you could fail a compliance audit regarding customer card data.”  We should instead save credit card data to the Sage Exchange Vault which can be accessed from the BP Customer or from the Sales Order,

  • I want to do a little more setup work: Common data, BP’s, Customer, Financial (GESBPC)
    • NA001 is always going to be credit card so I will set the Payment term to CREDITCARD so that I don’t have to select it on each order.
    • I can click the Credit Card icon to enter and store customer credit card information in the Sage Exchange Vault.

Now back to the Sales order!

  • The Credit card processing function is now available!


  • Selecting the Credit card processing function brings up the Credit card processing screen.
    • The screen will also open upon saving a new Sales Order.

I hope this helps you as you setup your own credit card processing function!

Take care my X3 friends. Stay safe!