How to place an invoice on hold?

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Holds are placed on invoices to prevent payment of invoices. How can we put an invoice on hold in Sage X3? For example, Supplier BP invoice.

On a new Supplier BP invoice, the default status is “To validate” and the other option is “Pending”.

When the status is set to “To validate” we have the Post button enabled and it can be posted either manually or by the Supplier BP invoice positing function.

Once the accounting document is generated, it can be processed by the payment proposal function and a payment can be generated.

If the invoice is not posted and the status is set to “to validate”, it can still be picked up in the automatic payment proposal after the invoice is validated.

i.e., by a recurring task BPSINV (supplier validation) function.

Therefore, to block an invoice, set the status to “Pending”. 

This will disable the post button and prevent it from getting paid.

If you have more than one invoice in “pending” status and want to set it “to validate”, use the Invoices pending (VALBIS) function to change the status.

Suppose if the invoice has already been validated, we still can prevent it from getting paid by setting the level of payment approval to “Pending” and a dispute code under Open item edit screen.

For purchase invoice, the process is slightly different to set an invoice to pending status.

This is because we don’t have access to the Invoice status field.

Therefore, to set an invoice in pending status, don’t balance the invoice i.e., leave the ‘Invoice – tax’ field blank.

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