New Multithreading option now available

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Good day and welcome to FY24..

Let’s kick things off with this blog regarding a newly added feature when running exports from the management console.


What is Multithreading?

Multithreading is a form of parallelization or dividing up work for simultaneous processing. Instead of giving a large workload to a single core, threaded programs split the work into multiple software threads. These threads are processed in parallel by different CPU cores to save time.


What Is Multithreading Used For?

The main reason for incorporating threads into an application is to improve its performance. Performance can be expressed in multiple ways: A web server will utilize multiple threads to simultaneous process requests for data at the same time.


We will look at multithreading to be used in data exports from the console.

As of Console version 2.57, multithreading is used by VCPU for additional extracted processes running in unison.


Using Multithreading for Console Extracts:

From Console version 2.57, the Console runs some PowerShell scripts that exploit the multithreaded pool management possibilities offered by the language on Linux and MS Windows platforms (Runtime R095 minimum is required on Linux)

The number of threads can be managed and optimized to use all resources.

Make sure to update your Console version on your old server (U9 and higher) to Console 2.57 or higher before starting the export.


From the Console manager under Folders, select the folder and click export.

This will display the following window.

Once you have selected the options to perform the extract you will see the option “Activate multithreads”.

This new mode can be activated from this parameter.

When selected you will have the ability to note the number of parallelized table operations.



*Note: The value to enter should not exceed the number of virtual processors on this server.


To verify the number of virtual processors, open the task manager.

Under the performance tab you can confirm the value as illustrated below.



  • Using the Activate multithreads option with the number of Virtual CPUs on the server will increase the output of the extract and decrease processing time.

 And that is multithreading, be sure to update your console manager to make use of this new option.

Thanks for reading.