Saving time with Multi-company period opening (TRTPERMC)

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As the beginning of the year approaches, do you dread opening periods for each and every company? Do you shy away from only opening one month at a time because of the effort involved?  It can be quite tedious and time consuming if you have multiple companies. Would you like to have a faster way to open periods? Well, Sage X3 has a new time saving function for you:  Multi-company period opening (TRTPERMC)

Multi-company period opening (TRTPERMC) is found under Common data, General accounting tables. With Multi-company period opening, you no longer have to open periods for one company at a time, deselecting or selecting individual periods. This new function allows you to open all companies and their ledgers or a selected range or companies. You can open all periods or just through a specific period. You have the option to run this on demand or on a schedule.

Note: This function was added in v12.0.21 but only processes one ledger at a time until v12.0.22.

Let’s take a look at the Multi-company period opening.

NA20 has fiscal year open through 2021 for Ledger types Ledger, Analytical, IAS and Group. Periods are open through 12/2020

Company NA10 has fiscal years through 2023 open with only Ledger type Ledger. Periods are open through 12/20.

Now on to the Multi-company period opening (TRTPERMC) function. We can select All Companies, Group or a range of companies. We have the option to select one or all Ledger Types and a Period date until.

For this example, we will select From company NA10 To company NA20, all the Ledger Types and the Period date until of 9/30/22. 

Note: we selected all Ledger types, but NA10 only has Ledger. For the Period date until of 9/30/22, NA20 only has years open through 2021.  Do all the companies have to have to have the same ledgers and have the same fiscal years open for this to work? Hmmm…

The Log shows that all the periods were opened for NA10. It also lets us know that there were not Analytical, IAS or Group ledgers for this company.

For company NA20, the Log lets us know that periods in 2022 can’t be opened because the year hasn’t been opened yet.

Even though the fiscal year was closed, the function continues and opens the 2021 periods for the other ledgers.

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