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Download Preventive Maintenance-X3 2023 R1 (12.0.33) (119608)

To access this download, log into and in the search field type 119608. Click Search.

For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the Sage X3 Download Portal, go to, enter your Log on credentials (in upper right corner), and type 23522 in the Search field. Click Search. 

REMINDER: If you use third-party products that integrate with Sage X3 or ISVs, check with the vendor of your third-party product to ensure their product is fully compatible with this release. If you integrate with other Sage products, check with your business partner or Sage to ensure that these components are compatible. 

It is highly recommended that you work with a certified partner to install this product update.

Note. Preventive Maintenance is only available for North America region.

This patch set is being released for new installs of Preventive Maintenance with Sage X3 2023 R1 (12.0.33). This patch set may also be used for new installs of PM with Sage X3 2022 R4 (12.0.32). While not tested or supported with other Sage X3 releases, the patches should be able to be installed in a 2022 R1 (12.0.29), 2022 R2 (12.0.30) or 2022 R3 (12.0.31) Sage X3 environment. These patches should NOT be installed in any other version or release of Sage X3.

If upgrading Sage X3 to 2023 R1 (12.0.33) and Preventive Maintenance is already installed, only Hot Fix patches (if available) would need to be installed (i.e. all components in this equivalent to the previous release).

Note: always apply the patches to a Test environment prior to implementing in a production environment.
Included files:

  • Documentation
    • Preventive Maintenance Installation
    • Preventive Maintenance User Guide
  • Patch Files
  • Shared Source