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More Inventory Planner by Sage training!

Partners don’t miss this amazing opportunity to attend a virtual instructor-led class to gain invaluable insight into Inventory Planner by Sage, the premier inventory planning software for e-commerce businesses.

Merchants of all sizes use Inventory Planner to avoid spending countless hours toiling over tedious spreadsheets, to prevent costly stock planning mishaps due to product outages and reduce unnecessary expense in terms of safety stock and low performing items.

The training covers the knowledge and skill to set up and configure Inventory Planner by Sage, produce the right reports, learn all about forecasting and open to buy (OTB). You also learn how to use replenishment and forecasting to produce reliable demand forecasts, produce purchase orders, carryout transfers & set automation rules.

If you want to learn the benefits of becoming an Inventory Planner by Sage reseller partner, click here

Check out the Inventory Planner training today, make sure you are logged into Sage University prior to clicking on the link. Seating is limited so don’t wait too long to register and secure a spot.