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ALERT: Syracuse and X3 Services 35.0.41 update is posted (hotfix for 2023 R2)

These released components correct the following issues:

  • Mobile Automation (ADC) homepage link in Android device leads to the desktop version instead of the handheld mode.
  • EDI inbound generation: error when importing a xml file using EDISOHXML.
  • Unable to add bindIP value in Syracuse.
  • Graphical query tool, table size can't be expanded.
  • 2023 R2 supports SQL encryption, but X3 services fail (Syracuse part)
    • This fix also requires X3 Services 35.0.41

To access this download, visit our Sage Knowledgebase Site HERE, then scroll down to locate the 2023R2 (12.0.34) downloads. Once you select the download link, you will be prompted to login to your Sage Portal Account.

Note: The Syracuse ( and X3 Services (35.0.35) have been replaced with the current version of the downloads, as seen under related resources.