Required stock in-transit reconciliation report.


Amount is being posted into In-transit account through inter-site transfer and container management, but not able to reconcile. Hence need a report to reconcile the transactions with Goods In-transit A/c.  

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    One simple way might be to run the stock valuation report with 'In transit' ticked, then to run it without it ticked to give you the stock figure.  If you're using average cost, you could also get the figure solely from the ITMMVT table as it contains the in transit quantities and the average cost, so they can be summed up.

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    Hello Steve, 

    Thank you for your responce,  

    Transferred check box shows only intersite and Intercompany stock movements. I need stock movement done by container tracking as well. Becuase they are all posted to Goods-In-Transit A/c.

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