• Script Dictionary > Screen > Field > Description (Col. Dim.) not allow input the filed description.

    Could someone help me how can do the display output: When add the description "$" on fields it will prompt "1216(FRA:$) error message: Thanks
  • dimension type setting

    The above pic is carry forward selection check or unchecked option from SageU. My setting dpt dimension type is cost center that holds all expenses value. The question is, if carry forward not checked, what happen to the value the dimension in year…
  • How to Setup Automatic PO Attachment to Purchase Order Workflow Rule

    Hello Guys, I have setup a Purchase Order Workflow rule which is working fine but I'll like to know how to automatically attache and email to the Purchase Order to the Supplier and the Buyer. Your support and advice will be highly appreciated…
  • Control ADDON to licenses tool.

    How can we control our ADDON so that if the client does not have the license, he can not execute the functions? We want that if the client installs the ADDON patches, but does not install the license, it can not execute the ADDON functions. Do we have…
  • X3 renamed Enterprise Management

    Hi All, I've recently upgraded my copy of X3 V11 to patch 9 but the name in the top left hand corner of the screen still says X3 rather than Enterprise Management. Does anyone know how to change this to reflect the new name? Many thanks
  • Is there a batch function to close sales orders?

    I'm diving in more on the delivery tolerance field and thinking of reducing the % tolerance. the consequence of that is that my customer service reps will have to close more sales orders. Is there any other function that will close a batch of sales orders…
  • Process link to a a classic function not working

    Hi Guys, From a process on my landing page, i am trying to link it to a classic function, but it is not working. It is leading me to the User representation instead. Please see below the image to have more insight on the issue. Thanks
  • Location Special Characters

    Hi everyone, I am currently facing a problem with X3, and I'd like to clarify this with you. I would like to know if its possible for the location to have special characters as "-", It is really important and urgent. I'd like to know what are…
  • Why does my SO Line close automatically if a partial qty is added to a shipment ?

    If my SO Qty is 30, but I have only 20 in stock. The SO is set to a partial Delivery. I create a shipment and pull the line. The SO line is closed and I can't edit the shipment when 10 more are added into stock. Is there a general parameter that…
  • Configurator

    Hi All, We have a challenge whereby the application FUNCFGAUT (Automate Configurator) would successfully run once and exit. On running the second time it would require one to logout first and run it again, otherwise it returns the error “Function cannot…
  • Why are there WOS for the 4th of July

    The fourth of July is listed in the unavailable section, but MRP still suggested work orders with an end date of the 4th. What could cause that ?
  • Error with Setting Up Cubes

    I use a MYX3 image and on setting up a cube on SDMA, i am unable to proceed after entering the parameters. I get the notification "You are not currently connected to a domain". See attachment.
  • Remote Browser access

    How do I set up SDMA for remote access in Sage X3 running on a remote browser