Reminders, Grouping Codes, and FUP report

Hello -

Reminder campaigns are a great way to help with AR collections.  In fact, it integrates X3 CRM to help setup tasks, phone calls and other CRM activities.  It also provides the ability to generate "Dunnings" style notifications.  There are 5 levels, or reminder instances that can be triggered to help actively manage correspondence with Customers.  You have the option of generating emails along with "FUP" reports that can be mailed separately.  This is often recommended!  

The functionality is fantastic, and offers many configuration possibilities.  I do need some assistance.  The FUP and emails are not generating when the "GROUP CODE" for a customer is set to something other than Invoice.  Consolidated notices are what is typically required.  As such, the reports and emails are not generating, and, if they do, they come up blank.  Is there a trick, or general parameter setting that controls the group code printing?

Any advice would be appreciated.