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We will have the need to only allow 2 users access a few customized reports and nothing else.  No other functions but these crystal reports.

Is this possible?  I don't believe can use access code because then would require the access code to be on EVERY standard and customized report (so they cannot access) and another access code to be on the ones the user needs to see.

anyone have any ideas?   It would be ideal if I can just display the reports required on their menu with nothing else



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    Hi Christine, 

    Yes this is possible, but takes a little while to configure:

    1. Create a new menu item (Administration > Authoring > Menu Items) for each customised report. In my example this is a customised version of the BALAGEHIST report:

    The menu item should be configured with a link type of Function (classic) with the function name being AIMP~ followed by the report name. In this case the function is AIMP~YBALAGEHIST

    2. Then create a new set of Menu submodules and Menu modules under Administration > Authoring > Pages

    Menu Submodule (with the new menu item(s) entered as the Content:

    Menu Module (with the new submodule entered as the content):

    3. Create a new Navigation Page (Administration > Authoring > Pages) and add the new menu as the only item, removing all of the top level menus if they exist:

    4. Create a new Role that uses the new Navigation Page and a new Group.

    5. Create a new User Menu Profile (Parameters > Users > User Menu Profile) and remove all functions, leaving only the Starting Menu:

    6.  Create a corresponding User Function Profile and then click Profile and manually add the AIMP function:

    7. Configure your new user accounts to use the new Role, User Menu Profile and User Function profile created in the previous steps.

    When the user logs in they should then only see the customised report on the navigation menu and when accessing the function can only run the report specified against the menu item:

    Best regards, 


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    thanks so much!  i had started to create menu but then got stuck but see there are many more steps.  glad to know this is possible!   you're awesome!  

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    Hi Nick,

    just to thank you again- I followed your instructions which were so helpful and was able to create two customized reports menus.  The only thing I didn't do was create a new menu profile under Parameters-users-menu profile.  I used a common customized one we had although I did create a new AIMP functional profile.   Wish Sage had procedures like yours!  thanks again.  Christine