SAML2 for Google



While setting up custom SAML2 for Sage X3 for Google Workspace, I found this issue:

Checking the docs:

Checking the custom SAML2 is ok on my account:

I copied Entity ID directly from Google:

I have created a user linked directly to my account

For Google SAML2 side ACS URL, I used the full path callback address I get from Sage X3.

For Google SAML2 side Entity ID setup, I used the Sage X3 v12 full path with the correct port number as well. I have a slash at the end.

Is there a settings issue?

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    Hi Chunheng,

    I found some material in regards to setting up SamL2 in Online help, here's the link:

    According to the error you are receiving it seems that either the user trying to launch X3 is not set to use SamL2, or the system is not setup correctly.

    As there are many areas related to SamL2 you may want to reach out to your Business Partner for assistance.

    X3 setup requires the SamL2 provider to be added and configured as well as entries added to your nodelocal file.

    Id suggest that after reviewing the online help, if you still have issues that you open a support case so we can review the setup of SAML2.