Import data in a table of a transaction while having the transaction open


Use Sales Delivery as example:

I want to click new, fill in the site and customer

Then import the detail information like product etc from a file 

Upon completion create the transaction.


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    It is possible, but not considered best practice. In your example you will open a second screen which is a copy of SDH1, call it XSDH1. Then read the content of your file, setting each column in the grid with the value from the file, remember to increase the NBLIG variable on XSDH1. Then use the following commands to populate the main object screen:

    Saizo [M:SDH1] with [M:XSDH1]

    Saizo is the old web command used to load variables into screens for published objects. You may have to set the UPDFLG/CREFLG indicators to ensure the TABLEAUX method commits the line values.

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    Hi Braam,

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