Current period - Sage intelligence

OK, more experimenting, and I am stuck at the following issue:

I want to use the Current Period functionality of the formulas in my financial report.

The financial report file I use, brings in a sheet called settings, hidden

Within it, this sheet seems to specify the current period and company from sage.....and looks like this:

Company CompanyName CurrentYear CurrentPeriod HomeCurrency
LSSDAT Little Short Stop Stores Ltd 2018 2 CAD
LSSDAT Little Short Stop Stores Ltd 2018 5 CAD

Weird thing....why does it bring in two rows?

Secondly, the period is actually period 5.

If I manually change these, nothing changes in the file, or the amounts reported in my income statement.   My data seems to e using period 2, and if I manually change the formula in the file, I can get the data to change....but I really want to use the functionality I am seeing, either my changing the current period field, or specifying that in sage.

I dont believe in sage itself, I have anything that is specifying what the year and period is now, except the gl calendar....where am i going wrong?