SEI Subtotal Average Rounding & Incorrect Value


I'm currently looking into some strange behavior in how SEI is subtotaling values. Specifically I have a report where I want to see the Average value of our costs.

Rounding to the Nearest Dollar

For illustrative purposes, I'm going to use our standard cost, since it is the same value for each transaction. However, despite all Standard Costs being the same, it's giving me a different value for the Average. It appears to be rounding to the nearest dollar, which I didn't even know was a setting. Can someone please advise how to turn this off? Also, it's not even doing this consistently, as in some of the averages it appears to round to the nearest dollar, but for a different group in the same column, it doesn't. 

Ex. All values are $2.91, but the subtotal average is $3.00.

Incorrect Average

On the calculations that aren't rounded to the nearest dollar, the values are wrong. 

Ex. The average of these prices should be either $4.62 (Simple Average) or $5.42 (Weighted Average based on Quantity Purchased). However, it is neither. 

Any help as to why SEI isn't subtotaling correctly would be greatly appreciated. Also see below photo of these two columns' setup in the Process.